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Yuna Kim Monthly reports from Uber and Lyft on Rideshare Pilot Program from April to October, including #... City Council $25.15 Deb Estrada
Ira B. Appelman This public records request concerns the cost to the City in staff time of the fifteen (15) Compr... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $13.79 Kelsey Salvo
Daniel Thompson Please produce all documents regarding any communications between the city, its consultants, WSDO... Parks & Recreation $101.40 Mary Swan
Christina Schuck I am trying to track down an ordinance and agenda bill from 2015. I am specifically looking for O... City Manager $16.76 Deb Estrada
Joan Radoll All documents relating to the parcel located at 9418 SE 33rd Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040, inc... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $262.37 Mary Swan
Ira B. Appelman On page C5 of the proposed 2019-2020 biennial budget, it is shown that from the beginning of 2014... Human Resources $32.71 Mary Swan
Alex Sidles SEPA DNS (or MDNS), SEPA checklist, and any other SEPA documents related to CPA17-002, the comp p... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $28.25 Kelsey Salvo
Megan Shay Hi,  Requesting details of PRE15-059 NEW SINGLE FAMILY HOME 7431 E MERCER WAY PRE APP NOT OK 10/... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $6.90 Kelsey Salvo
Danielle Rawson I am researching a property, 3695 W Mercer Way, and have looked at the City's online Mapping Port... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $6.90 Kelsey Salvo
James Kennedy Please send the following: 1) Copies of all communications leases / licenses,
2) payment h...
City Manager $150.87 Deb Estrada
Mark I request that the following documents, public records and writings be made available for my insp... City Attorney $166.81 Mary Swan
Gordon Stephenson We are the brokers for the house next door to:  2453 84th Ave SE Mercer Island, WA 98040   Th... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $6.90 Kelsey Salvo
Megan Shay I'd like to see the architectural plans for 2438 62nd AVE SE, Mercer Island. CPD (Community Planning and Development) $6.90 Kelsey Salvo
Jake Jacobson All costs incurred by the City of Mercer Island including but not limited to those incurred to pr... City Manager $22.95 Deb Estrada
Jake Jacobson Please provide me with the total of the Mercer Island Utility Taxes collected from inception of t... City Manager; Finance $49.01 Mary Swan
Kimberly Andrews Our company purchases property tax data. We are seeking to obtain an updated list of Local Improv... Finance $34.43 Ali Spietz
Jean Majury I request yearly documents from the Island court as to the type and number of cases heard, tried,... City Attorney $44.24 Mary Swan
Charles Davis I'm requesting the entire file relating to permits, reports, and inspections for the property own... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $13.79 Kelsey Salvo
Daniel Paull   Pursuant to RCW 42.56, we make the following request for public records.  Pursuant to RCW 42.5... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $17.06 Kelsey Salvo
Teresa Magaram Please tell the public how much money the city expended for the mural? The city should also clari... Parks & Recreation $37.20 Mary Swan
Ira B. Appelman I have attached the contract between Moberly & Roberts and the City that I received based on ... City Attorney $146.88 Mary Swan
Ira B. Appelman I just received a four-page, full color flyer from the City entitled, "Proposition 1 Public Safet... City Manager $57.23 Deb Estrada
Mark Hirayama I keep hearing about something called "Parcel 12" that is owned by the City of Mercer Island.  ... Parks & Recreation $9.81 Mary Swan
Ira B. Appelman Since at least 2013 through 2018, the City has hired Moberly & Roberts at over $60,000 per ye... City Attorney $39.25 Mary Swan
Chad Whittle I am requesting approved construction drawings to include public utilities for building permit 04... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $9.19 Kelsey Salvo
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