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Mark Hirayama Regarding City of Mercer Island Resolution No. 1545, please provide all documentation (including ... City Attorney $0.00 Mary Swan
John Carey (Public Records Request filed by staff on behalf of Mr. Carey.) Mr. Carey's Records Request date... Finance $75.44 Mary Swan
Bryan McDermott We are looking for any documentation that may indicate a reduction of the watercourse buffer on t... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $13.79 Kelsey Salvo
Kevin Gillman I would like request a digital set of the project bid documents (plans and specifications) for th... Public Works $9.81 Mary Swan
Alex Sidles   Can you send me a copy of the comprehensive plan amendment ordinance that was adopted November... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $9.81 Mary Swan
Brie Kidwell Would you please send us the bid documents for the Pump Station No. 18 Pump Replacement project? ... Public Works $25.15 Mary Swan
Svea Erickson Would you please send me addendum 1 for the SE 22nd St and SE 22nd Place Water System Improvement... Public Works $16.76 Deb Estrada
Samantha Link WW717R  -  City of Mercer Island - SE 22nd St-SE 22nd Pl Water System Improvements Project   Pl... Public Works $25.15 Deb Estrada
Jason Koehler I'd like to gain access to all emails I, Jason Koehler, personally wrote and the responses to/of ... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $39.25 Kelsey Salvo
Leif Anderson Architect All emails and correspondence regarding building permit 1306-055 from 01-01-017 through 11-29-201... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $55.96 Kelsey Salvo
deanna hanson can I get addenda 1 for the SE 22nd St and SE 22 Pl Water System Improvements Project. City Manager $12.57 Deb Estrada
Dave Wong Hi there, Could you forward all/any drawings (plans, surveys, etc.) on file for 5 Brook Bay Rd, ... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $6.90 Kelsey Salvo
Samantha Link Regarding BID 18-12 (SE 22nd St / SE 22nd Pl Water System Improvements Project): I will need any... Public Works $100.58 Deb Estrada
traci granbois Please provide a copy of the most recently amended purchase and sale agreement between the City o... City Attorney $13.08 Mary Swan
SCOTT A ROBERTSON DRB study session set DSR18-018 CPD (Community Planning and Development) $9.19 Kelsey Salvo
Bonnie Beddall This is to correct a previous typo. I’d like to know who made complaints in 2017 or 2018 related ... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $27.58 Kelsey Salvo
Mark Hirayama This is regarding the attached file, which is page 7 of the RFQ for the Mercer Island Commuter Pa... City Attorney $0.00 Mary Swan
Carissa Salese Good morning,    I am interested in obtaining the bidding documents for the SE 22nd St / SE 22... Public Works $9.81 Mary Swan
zachary schultz I am hoping to locate any recorded architectural drawings for the property at <2772 72nd ave s... CPD (Community Planning and Development) $6.90 Kelsey Salvo
Mark Hirayama This request is regarding the publicly owned parcel of land involved in the Commuter Parking and ... City Attorney $26.17 Mary Swan
Christopher Ingalls Dear Public Disclosure Officer:  Pursuant to the state open records law, Wash. Rev. Code Secs. 4... City Attorney $262.80 Mary Swan
Andrea Wong I’m doing some research on a site on Mercer Island and came across the PDF of your Mercer Island ... IGS (Information & Geographic Services) $32.47 Mike Helten
Samantha Link SE 22nd St / SE 22nd Pl Water System Improvements Project I am hoping to get the documents for t... Public Works $12.57 Deb Estrada
Ashley Rouhier I would like to request to have a copy of the bidding documents (plans, specifications, bidders l... Public Works $12.57 Deb Estrada
Marz de Guzman We, the Washington Bid Network, hereby request information on the Southeast 22nd Street/Southeast... Public Works $12.57 Deb Estrada
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