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  • Requests for records submitted through this portal may be made publicly available; however, the contact information of the requester will not be public, only the requestor name. Police and fire records requests will not be posted.
  • Please be as specific as possible when requesting records.
  • To enable staff to respond to your request as efficiently as possible, please include a date range for the records you are seeking.
  • Please do not include any confidential information such as birthdate or social security number.
  • Please pay attention to alert notifications which will pop up in yellow as you type a description of records in the box referring you to a link with further instructions.
  • If you request copies, there may be charges in accordance with the Fee Schedule (MICC 2.14).
  • You must certify that any list of individuals obtained through your request will not be used for commercial purposes (RCW 42.56.070).