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Please see previous record request #19-323.  This request was CLOSED by the City.  Not sure why it gets closed before the requestor says "OK to close" or "Have a follow-up"...seems like me now having to open ANOTHER request is confusing...but perhaps I'm not seeing all the factors.  Anyway...on to my "New" request (which is simply a follow-up to the cited "previous" request).

City response 5/15:



This was a tough one to track down. My best guess is that the attached asbuilt filled out as 7928 E Mercer Way is actually for your property at 7920. I'm basing this on a couple of things: the house outline and the distances seem to match, and I've run across a number of mislabeled sewer plats from the 1960's on E Mercer Way before. I can't guarantee this, but there isn't anything on file for the main house, which is pretty rare, so it's a good bet.

The Asbuilt for the ADU also has some value: it shows the wye and cleanout where the sewer for the main house and the ADU split off (see the hand written notes and sketch at the right side of page 2)

Not ideal, but this is probably the best we're going to be able to do.

Thank you,
Mike Helten, GIS Analyst 





Thank you very much, Mike!  I think you may be right about 7928 being actually 7920.  I do know that the original house was expanded at least twice.  The most recent expansion (which, if that as built for 7928 you provided is actually 7920) appears to be OVER THE TOP of the sewer line where it exits the original structure.  Let's call this the "POSSIBLY OVER THE SEWER ADDITION".   The measurements, location of the water match up with what I'm seeing here.  We got our sewer problem unstuck but, because it's happened TWICE now in recent history, I'm worried the system may be failing.  I have discussed with a plumber some options for rebuilding but it all starts with knowledge about WHERE IS THE SEWER LINE??  I have only partial info.  So, I need to--if I can--determine it's location.  To help in this effort:

1) Do you have any site plans (including some that might show the sewer line) for the POSSIBLY OVER THE SEWER ADDITION.  This addition was done maybe in the 1970's or 1980's.  It would be great if it showed the sewer plan.  It also MAY have been done without a permit?

2) If it's easier for me to just come in and look at files, I can do that...please just let me know (not sure where files are, how they're stored, etc...)  Thanks again.  My cell: 206-579-1775.


May 18, 2019 via web


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Robert "Bob" Stoney






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