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TOPIC: IMPENDING SEWER BACKUP (note: case opened on ~10 May) This is a FOLLOWUP.  Hello, I'm a homeowner on MI, 7920 E Mercer Way.  Last Friday all of our drains (toilets and showers/sinks) backed up.  It did not flood but I feel like it was close.  At the time, we had two extra house guests with us.  By decreasing our useage, the drains started working again but my diagnosis is that I have a slow-moving drain that needs to be resolved to avoid a public health hazard (i.e. sewage backup).  I have TWO related requests:

1) "AS BUILT" for main house.  Rodney Anderson helped me over the weekend by pointing me to the files contained on the city website.  Unfortunately, the oldest records available on line are only back to the ~2008 time frame.  While there is an "as built sewer" depiction on the website, IT IS FOR AN ADU UP THE HILL.  NOT FOR THE MAIN HOUSE.  Request: are there any files, perhaps in archives or otherwise not digitally captured on the city website, that depict the LOCATION OF THE MAIN HOUSE sewer system, backflow valve, and/or cleanouts.

2)  Can you please advise me of companies that have worked on older waterfront homes on mercer island in the last year or two, who would have the knowledge and expertise to locate an unplatted sewer system, determine the location of backflow devices and cleanouts, and make repairs or installation (if required).  



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May 15, 2019, 4:07pm by Mary Swan, Paralegal/PRO
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May 15, 2019, 4:06pm by Mary Swan, Paralegal/PRO
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May 15, 2019, 3:52pm by Mike Helten, GIS Analyst  
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