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We, the Washington Bid Network, hereby request information on the Southeast 22nd Street/Southeast 22nd Place Water System Improvements on behalf of Washington contractors and vendors.


We need the following additional details in order to provide potential bidders with sufficient information for them to know if the bid opportunity is relevant to them or not.


What are the approximate lengths, sizes and types of the pipes to be installed on the project?


Are there any portions of the project that will need to be Bored?


Are the crossings to be Jack & Bored or Directionally Bored?


What are the approximate lengths and diameters of the portions to be bored?


How much is the required bid bond for the project?


How much is the cost estimate of the project?


Do you have any further details you wish to provide?


The Washington Bid Network is owned by the people of Washington. Our mission is to publish the procurement solicitations of all government agencies in Washington to provide suppliers with free and open access to public bid advertisements and provide government agencies with higher quality goods and services at the lowest cost to taxpayers.

We would like to receive all future bid advertisements, plan-holder lists and bid tabulations from your agency by email at

If you are unable to provide the information requested please let me know why.

Thank you very much.



November 14, 2018 via email


Public Works


Marz de Guzman






Point of Contact

Deb Estrada

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Mr. Guzman -

Your public records request is now closed. Please let me know if you feel I have not provided a complete response, or if I have misinterpreted your request in any way.

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Thank you,

Deb Estrada, City Clerk


November 15, 2018, 12:02pm by Deb Estrada, City Clerk
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