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In response to a request from Concerned Citizens for Mercer Island Parks (CCMIP) to be allowed to put bird houses in the Mercerdale Park Native Garden, Parks & Recreation Director Bruce Fletcher emailed the following to Meg Lippert on February 6, 2018:

“We received a complaint about the proposed bird boxes in the Native Garden.  The citizen saw the discussion on Nextdoor and thought it was a poor choice for the City to allow nesting boxes… The citizen did not have an issue with the invasive plant removal or other work your group has done. We have been working with you and the other volunteers based on the policy contained in the Open Space Vegetation Plan that allows a site to gain City services based on demonstrated community support.  With this policy, if the proposed request does not have full community support and will not be allowed at this time (sic)… I am sorry to redirect the location on your request but I hope that you understand that we are trying maintain a balanced response to all the concerns by our community.”

I request the following under the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56):

(1) Records showing the name of the “citizen” who filed the “complaint about the proposed bird boxes in the Native Garden.” 

Those records could include: emails to and from the citizen, emails to and from staff or City Councilmembers, memos, notes, reports, phone records, or any other public records of the City.  My understanding is that if the City refuses to release records, it must nevertheless identify those records in a privilege log.

Thank you.


April 20, 2018 via web


City Attorney, Parks & Recreation


Ira B. Appelman






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Mary Swan

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Your public records request is now closed. Please let me know if you feel I have not provided a complete response, or if I have misinterpreted your request in any way.

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