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Alex Sidles Can you send me the version of MICC 19.15 that applied during the time of the sculpture garden co... City Manager; DSG - Building & Planning $0.00 Deb Estrada
Sera Mattson Please provide electronic copies of bid documents, plans, and specifications for the following pu... Public Works $50.29 Deb Estrada
Jacob Miller Approved Subdivision dated December 18th 1968 DSG - Building & Planning $9.19 Kelsey Salvo
Mike Shoffner All building permit drawings and documents for 8021 SE 71st St, Mercer Island, WA; tax # 283600-0... DSG - Building & Planning $13.79 Kelsey Salvo
traci granbois I have some questions regarding the "committee" which was involved with the selection of the fina... City Manager $0.00 Deb Estrada
Robert A. Medved Please provide me a fully executed and signed copy of City Of Mercer Island Ordinance No. 18C-08 ... City Manager $0.00 Deb Estrada
Mark S. Harrison November 5, 2018   6025 - SE 32nd Street (APN 370890-0042) and 6027 - SE 32nd Street (APN 370890-... DSG - Building & Planning $9.19 Kelsey Salvo
Jeffrey Walker Hello, I need all documents pertaining to the below case number 95-8-06941-1    09/03/95   City Attorney $9.81 Mary Swan
Tim McHarg I am requesting the following public records: 1.  Section 1.04.010, Definitions from the 1980 Co... City Manager $51.65 Deb Estrada
Michael Azose Seeking status and latest information on code enforcement case CE07-0089. DSG - Building & Planning $4.60 Kelsey Salvo
Alex Sidles May I please have a copy of Ordinance 18C-08? City Manager $9.81 Mary Swan
Megan Shay Hi,  Are there any records for a permitted ADU at 3010 67th Ave SE?    Thanks! DSG - Building & Planning $6.90 Kelsey Salvo
Jay Blazey We were disappointed in hearing you went with a different proposer and are hoping to better under... Public Works $0.00 Mary Swan
Janet Prichard Please share electronically the Solid Waste, Recyclables, & Compostables Collection proposals... Public Works $39.25 Mary Swan
No name available Three party application between the Stroum Jewish Community Center, the French American School of... City Attorney $9.81 Mary Swan
John Funderburk Hello!  I am looking for a map showing the location of the original sanitary sewer pipeline to a ... IGS (Information & Geographic Services) $32.47 Mike Helten
Ted Burns Requesting the approved plans for the building permit 1710-012 which is not available online. Pro... DSG - Building & Planning $6.90 Kelsey Salvo
Adrian Proctor Pre-Application notes for 7445 SE 71st ST PRE17-025 PRE18-021 Intake Screening 1807-271 DSG - Building & Planning $0.00 Kelsey Salvo
Tom Wolthausen Please provide records for business licenses, city taxes, etc. for the following individuals &... Finance $37.70 Mary Swan
Heather Ring Hello, I am researching the city's code regarding allowable home businesses.  I am a mother of th... City Attorney $19.63 Mary Swan
Kim van Hi, I would like to request a plat map for this address 3880 w Mercer way, 98040 I want to know ... DSG - Building & Planning $17.22 Mary Swan
traci granbois Hello, Please provide all contracts between the City of Mercer Island and the Mercer Island Cham... City Manager; City Attorney $49.06 Mary Swan
Yuna Kim Monthly reports from Uber and Lyft on Rideshare Pilot Program from April to October, including #... City Council $25.15 Deb Estrada
Ira B. Appelman This public records request concerns the cost to the City in staff time of the fifteen (15) Compr... DSG - Building & Planning $13.79 Kelsey Salvo
Daniel Thompson Please produce all documents regarding any communications between the city, its consultants, WSDO... Parks & Recreation $22.90 Mary Swan
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